Developmental Disabilities Administration
Dimensional Health Care Associates, Inc.
Medication Administration Training Program
Maryland Board of Nursing
Medication Technician
DDA 20 hour Medication Technician Training Program
General Issues
How do I find out my grades?  
An email confirmation will be sent to your agency’s training coordinator. You will have to contact your agency training coordinator

When can I start administering medications?  
A CMT can begin to administer medications for a total of 90 days prior to being updated with the Maryland Board of Nursing (MBON) once all course requirements have been successfully completed and an application has be signed by the delegating nurse and submitted to the MBON.

When can I submit my initial CMT application?
Your agency’s training coordinator will receive an email notification approximately three weeks after the classroom portion has been completed on how and when to complete you application.

When can I submit my online renewal application?
Online renewal applications can be completed once results have been sent to your agency’s training coordinator.  Please contact you agency’s training coordinator for their policy and procedure on how to notify the nurse that your application is ready for approval.

Do I have to make an appointment to meet with my DHCA delegating nurse to complete the practical?
No, an appointment is not necessary.  Your supervisor can provide to you a schedule of your nurse’s visits.  You can meet with the nurse at any of the homes listed.